Leaders, here are 3 ways to grow, and inspire others to keep growing

Aligned Momentum - Mastery Mindsets
Mastery Mindsets are critical to business vibrancy

When I wrote the book The Pivot: Orchestrating Extraordinary Business Momentum, I was somewhat surprised when after boiling down all the possible indicators of what makes a leader successful in leading a vibrant business, and achieving Aligned Momentum, there were just six (listed at the end of this article).

Mastery Mindsets is the second key indicator in the first group of three, which indicate a readiness for brilliant execution of strategy. Your business cannot be vibrant, and you and all those in your organization cannot be nimble, without the openness, curiosity, courage, integrity and grit to continue to grow. Continued growth is the path of mastery.

You may be wondering how “vibrant business” is defined. I define it as:

A vibrant business commands the highest valuation, stays ahead of the competition, and is a great place to work.
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