Welcome to Collaborative Action,

Welcome to Collaborative Action, a blog focused on performance of people at work. I’ll be sharing what I know, discover and can relate to you through others…about the “people” component of performance and risk management.

I encourage you to ASK questions, privately or publicly, and SHARE your knowledge with others. Sharing is encouraged through comments but also please contact me, should you be interested in a phone interview a blog post or other means to add value to this topic and this blog.

The Collaborative-Action blog is where you can participate in a discussion, take action and get results…related to people at work and their impact on the performance of the organization. While aimed at HR and management, I encourage others also to participate. This is, after all, the enterprise “you.” Truly all levels are at work, at will.

After visiting this blog or getting feeds from it for awhile, you will know that clear answers to the often unspoken WIIFM (what’s in it for me?) question are critical to truly getting what you want – from your work and for the organization. I won’t stop there. I will help tease out how to communicate what you what, how to ask smart questions to know if you are still aligned with what you want (typically written down in a Strategic Plan) and how to focus on the data that will give you answers (so you can ignore the noise and avoid overwhelm!)

What may be a bit different about this blog is that I am a leader and manage employees, in addition to running a coaching and consulting firm. I have experienced what I teach and I am continuously in touch with what leaders are experiencing. I am a CEO and I care very much about running a successful business, and helping others do the same.

Join this blog if:

  • you want to be valued at work,

  • you want to add value through the work that you do, and

  • you want to help others do the same.

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