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Lori Michele Leavitt The Pivot Catalyst
LML – The Pivot Catalyst

Lori Michele Leavitt infuses nimble practices into grown up companies, and helps fast growth start ups grow into the larger business with a culture they thrive in. This translates into work environments that are collaborative, innovative, engaged, and value-focused.

Lori brings her action-oriented methods to life through speaking, consulting, coaching and technology. She specializes in performance and risk management, and has worked with hundreds of leaders and their organizations.

The time is now for more nimble practices. People are easily distracted, and many are overwhelmed. Leaders are not getting the information they need to make nimble decisions. So often people are not clear how they can add value, or if they even have a voice. What will it take for every person to know where they fit, who cares and what’s in it for them? It’s so possible!

Lori will teach you to orchestrate a Pivot from Performance Management to Performance Momentum. Through this Collaborative-Action blog she provides ideas that may provide the spark or nudge you need, or need to share.

Collaboration is about taking action.

Lori’s books, The Pivot: Orchestrating Extraordinary Momentum & Pivot to Clarity: Get Clear, for You. Be Clear, for Others., offer a deeper dive into building and leading a culture with both alignment and momentum in place (aka, “Aligned Momentum”).

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Abrige Corp: The Pivot Catalyst & Aligned Momentum

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