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Readers of this blog build value for their business or organization. You are interested in a do-able (measurable) Strategy, which will have executable steps, some with quick wins in only 90 days and others up to 5 years out. You realize that to execute Strategy, others need to be aligned with it.  As a leader of the organization, or division or HR, you care that people are doing the right things right.


You seek…

Answers. In any business or organization the answers that determine performance come from people. The numbers are very important for telling you, and others, where you’ve been. Since you are aimed at building value (yes!), you want answers that lead to insight.

You want no “so what?”s lingering in your mind. In this blog you will find answers about how to gain this insight within your organization, from the transactions you already capture matched with information you’ll collect (if you take action on my recommendations) about the thoughts and actions of the people around you. The focus is on answers that help you execute your Strategy. Expect to read about people and action, from me, other experts, your colleagues, and … you!?

Questions. The right questions. Most of your financial teams will not be experts in asking questions, asking for help or communicating your Strategy throughout your organization (I’m referring to your Strategy and not your budget). It’s not their fault or yours, and there is something that can be done to improve the information that comes to you. I’m going to give you some tips to create a few truth-seekers for you, because it will become easier with a system to follow.

You’ll get tips also to help you ask the right questions and communicate more effectively with everyone that can affect your Strategy and bottom line…so that you get what you expect.

I encourage your input! Let me know what is working for you, and what is not.  Lori

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