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Lori Michele Leavitt The Pivot Catalyst
LML – The Pivot Catalyst

Lori Michele Leavitt infuses nimble practices into grown up companies, and helps fast growth start ups grow into the larger business with a culture they thrive in.  This translates into work environments that are collaborative, innovative, engaged, and value-focused.

Lori brings her passion, and action-oriented methods to life through speaking, consulting, coaching and technology.  She specializes in performance and risk management, and has worked with hundreds of leaders and their organizations.

The time is now for more nimble practices. People are easily distracted, and many are overwhelmed. Leaders are not getting the information they need to make nimble decisions. So often people are not clear how they can add value, or if they even have a voice.  What will it take for every person to know where they fit, who cares and what’s in it for them?  It’s so possible!

Lori will teach you to orchestrate a Pivot from Performance Management to Performance Momentum.  Through this Collaborative-Action blog she provides ideas that may provide the spark or nudge you need, or need to share.

Collaboration is about taking action.

Lori’s book, The Pivot: Orchestrating Extraordinary Momentum offers a deeper dive into building and leading a culture with both alignment and momentum in place (aka, “Aligned Momentum”).

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Wow! Team Stick Strategy

Big businesses in the U.S. are receiving bailout funds. Whether they “deserve” this or not is something many of us question. I for one am always loathe for dollars to be thrown to who yells the loudest or can harm the most, rather than those positioned to add the most value. Ok. It’s done.

So what?! Lots of things happen “just because” and we can whine about it, or we can make our own success. Every action is our choice.

We choose to keep adding value with what we’ve got… We are sticking to it! We are confident, accountable .. and we trust that our journey is adding value, including to those in our company.

Here’s our “wow” for this week: This Wow! goes to Abrige & C-Secure team members who are doing all they can with the resources at hand today…knowing there is a better tomorrow and that we control that. The prize is near from this entrepreneurial journey. You know who you are, because you are here. You exhibit confidence, trust and accountability. We are sticking together.

Why is this “wow!”? Choosing to stick when pay or perks become more tightly linked to performance requires confidence, trust and accountability. One must have the confidence in themselves that they can complete what was started. There must be trust that the leader will steer the company well if all the crew are doing what they are supposed to do. And accountability is required to meet promises to reach a long term goal, which may require more effort with less reward in the short term. We will remain strong because we have confidence, trust and accountability. Continue reading “Wow! Team Stick Strategy”

Wow! Strength of team

I set a new precedence in my last email by extending a “Wow!” to actions that did not necessarily happen by the preceding week, but triggered during the week in my mind (usually during a long fast walk!) and worth broadcasting.  This week’s “Wow!” follows this same trend.  Another similarity is that this week’s entry has to do with learning.  The difference, though, is that last week it was about someone who has greatly helped my learning.  This time it is about a team member who is truly giving his best effort to learn and build his value to the team.

Here’s our “wow” for this week: “WOW!” , you are proving your strength of character as you step back from a lead role and take on projects for which you have introduced to us your peers and subject experts … all in a selfless drive to make sure Abrige & C-Secure get the final product we need.

Why is this “wow!”? You and your team brought back DISCOVERY (after it did not accept operating system upgrades well) when others before you had failed.  You simply took one step at a time…and did it!

Continue reading “Wow! Strength of team”

Wow! Mentoring the leader

Some of you have heard a lot about our company officer ——— and are unsure what his role is.  Here’s the deal: other than being extraordinary (which is a characteristic and not a role), he is a professional and personal mentor to me.  He has vast experience in leading and mentoring. He offers a fabulous mix of bedside manner and discipline that has served me and our company well.  He also “gets” both of the businesses we run, Abrige and C-Secure Systems, and continuously networks to uncover market needs and generate leads.

Here’s our “wow” for this week: “WOW!”, for not only introducing us into the market… I give a resounding thank you for helping me to become a better leader and to keep our company aligned with its vision without falling out of line with our strong values.

Why is this “wow!”? The company leadership sets the tone and direction for all.  As we grow and become visible it can be so appealing to try and do everything and to say “yes” to other leaders and so-called experts that, if listening to intuition, this intuition (a gut feeling that “knows” our values and purpose) is screaming “no.”

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