Wow! Getting the right things done, with less…

Getting the right things done, with less… When we make steps toward this goal, even small ones, then I just have to say…Wow!

Here’s our “wow” for this week: This Wow! goes out to —- for continuously seeking ways to meet our design needs – which are defined by our market’s needs – at a lower cost, but still keeping our highly professional look and feel. Continue reading “Wow! Getting the right things done, with less…”

A scorecard for your Wellness initiative

Until recently, employee benefits costs – healthcare, in particular – have been considered a necessary cost of doing business, external to a company’s core products or services. An emerging school of thought, however, suggests that employee wellness affects much more than a company’s bottom line as a human resource expense. Wellness also affects absenteeism, productivity and efficiency. In other words, healthy employees are more likely to successfully contribute to a company’s core business than sick or injured employees who are unable to perform at optimal levels.

In this way, wellness does, indeed, contribute to every company’s bottom line and, as a result, needs to be stated as a measurable goal of every company. But how can wellness be quantified? Continue reading “A scorecard for your Wellness initiative”

Wow! S-P-E-E-D

Last week I focused on s-p-e-e-d. This week is about another driver of our success: smart use of TIME!
… that is your time and others’ time.

On the subject of time management, this week’s “Wow!” goes to ———-.

Here’s our “wow” for this week: I am sending to you a “WOW!” as a person who works in steps so that you can get input and stay on track. You get stuff done, with effective use of you time, and mine.

Why is this “wow!”?
Here’s what we don’t want:If you’ve managed others you may have run into the type of person who, if there is a deadline tomorrow, happily gives themselves until the end of the day (usually waiting until the last minute to even start after having plenty of time) not showing drafts along the way so the manager has no clue if it is on track (even if asked for, and promised repeatedly), leaving it to the manager to now make up for the lost time after hours …and leaving no time to correct the work if what was done was not what was expected. Or at times the results are coming, “today!,” “tomorrow for sure!”… and then never comes at all.

Continue reading “Wow! S-P-E-E-D”