Twitter & Collaborative Action … via Tag!

As I contemplated what to share in my next blog post, something compelling happened; I was tagged. Yes, this is like the game we used to play as kids, and then played with our kids, etc…but with mental rather than physical energy.

This Tag is being “played” in Twitter, a social networking site bring short bites re: current thoughts, info and happenings. I was tagged via Twitter by Sharlyn Lauby at HR Bartender.

There’s something to learn from this! The addition of expectation of someone I like and respect helped me take that next step to action. And this simple game is a good display of collaboration. I’ll be sharing links to benefit others, tagging someone to do the same with a virtual handshake to promote an interest we share: helping people find the right fit w/work and perform at their best.

Was the action productive? My thoughts are mixed on that, just as they are mixed on social networking in general. Og Mandino in his 1970’s book “The Greatest Secret in the World” points to a disclosure by a great salesman, George Severance, who tracked his time and found, when looking back, that “If a business day is a social success, it has been a business failure.” Is this statement simply outdated? Tell me what you think about this! I’ll share my thoughts in the next post. For this post, let me finish up what I promised…

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Connecting people to business performance

Where do people fit into the business model? This may seem like an absurd question….

We have learned that business success depends on having the right mix of the four p’s – price, product, place and promotion.

Now that knowledge management is the key to 21st century business success, the fifth p – people – becomes critical.

HR is positioned to be a strategic director; one tasked with helping the rest of the organization weave people into management information systems.

What if ______________ (your organization) operate like:

Welcome to Collaborative Action,

Welcome to Collaborative Action, a blog focused on performance of people at work. I’ll be sharing what I know, discover and can relate to you through others…about the “people” component of performance and risk management.

I encourage you to ASK questions, privately or publicly, and SHARE your knowledge with others. Sharing is encouraged through comments but also please contact me, should you be interested in a phone interview a blog post or other means to add value to this topic and this blog.

The Collaborative-Action blog is where you can participate in a discussion, take action and get results…related to people at work and their impact on the performance of the organization. While aimed at HR and management, I encourage others also to participate. This is, after all, the enterprise “you.” Truly all levels are at work, at will.

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