Managing Performance includes Managing Risk

People matter most to the performance – and risk – of your business or organization. Their actions, and their in-actions, can make a good strategy, or a bad one, and can ensure that a good strategy is realized, or not. A great way to manage risk, then, is through keeping a pulse of what your people think and do. And the best and most practical way I’ve found for doing this is through gathering feedback through surveys, assessments, evaluations and reviews.

Whether for internal control, governance, security, privacy, other compliance or due diligence (to name a few), setting a positive environment for feedback, asking questions, and showing that you are ready to take action on the input can help leaders keep their organizations on track and out of trouble.

In future posts I will link you to samples of how to gather and manage information for risk mitigation and performance improvement!

6 tips to engage your employees (especially during disruptive times)

As I work with companies on Abrige performance improvement, risk management engagements… and as I am now (over the past 10 months, actually) studying the bootstrapping, high profits information marketers… I keep reading, and saying, the word “engagement.” We can no longer just sell to customers. And we can no longer expect our new hires to put up with work “just because we do it that way” and feedback once per year.

So let’s talk about how to engage our employees, contractors and even outsourced workforce to ensure we get what we expect!

Here are a few ideas that have been successful:

1) Surveys, questionnaires, assessments, process checks – short, simple, and often
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Welcome to Collaborative Action,

Welcome to Collaborative Action, a blog focused on performance of people at work. I’ll be sharing what I know, discover and can relate to you through others…about the “people” component of performance and risk management.

I encourage you to ASK questions, privately or publicly, and SHARE your knowledge with others. Sharing is encouraged through comments but also please contact me, should you be interested in a phone interview a blog post or other means to add value to this topic and this blog.

The Collaborative-Action blog is where you can participate in a discussion, take action and get results…related to people at work and their impact on the performance of the organization. While aimed at HR and management, I encourage others also to participate. This is, after all, the enterprise “you.” Truly all levels are at work, at will.

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