Agile, Lean, and The Pivot

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Nimble: Agile Lean Pivot

As a leader, you are positioned to orchestrate change. You may have teams already working together in a nimble way, and a way in which change comes naturally. Bridge these styles (and often unique languages) together, and you will find that leading – and orchestrating change – throughout the organization comes more naturally.

  • Familiar with Lean? You will recognize the phrase “working together.”
  • Or with Agile? You will recognize “collaboration.”
  • Top leadership? You will recognize those phrases and “strategic alignment.”

    (When there is alignment and engagement and empowerment, you’ve reached a state of Aligned Momentum)

  • It is only in the state of Aligned Momentum that performance breakthroughs are possible.

    It’s up to you, the leader, to ensure that all players come together to make one enchanting sound. Make communication and clarity a top priority.

    Are You Ready for Performance Breakthroughs? Track these 6 Key Indicators

    Aligned Momentum Key Indicators
    Measure Readiness for Extraordinary Momentum and Performance Breakthroughs

    Executing a plan requires alignment. Executing on time requires momentum. Executing brilliantly, including shifting quickly when the facts change while staying on track with strategic objectives, requires Aligned Momentum.

    Aligned Momentum Key Indicators help you track progress in your Pivot from an incremental, traditional and/or rigid business culture to a culture with Aligned Momentum. Aligned Momentum leads to brilliant execution of strategy.

    Aligned Momentum Key Indicators

    To support brilliant execution of strategy

    • 1) Clarity: Getting clear, being clear.
    • 2) Mastery Mindset: Open, growing mind.
    • 3) Nimble Decision-making: Best next step.

    To prepare you for a better future

    • 4) Strategic Thinking: Play the movie.
    • 5) Talent Adaptability: Roles fit strategy.
    • 6) Coaching: Manager as coach.

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    3 unintended consequences from not speaking out when your gut says it’s wrong

    The Pivot
    Create a culture where every person feels safe to speak out

    It’s subtle. Yet it is powerful. That is: The internal pull to do what fits in – what doesn’t stir things up – because speaking out would be too uncomfortable. What is uncomfortable feels risky.

    Yet by not speaking up you are also taking a risk, and perhaps a bigger risk than if you spoke up.

    Every time we choose we are telling our brains that this is what we want.

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    Meet Lori Michele Leavitt

    Lori Michele Leavitt The Pivot Catalyst
    LML – The Pivot Catalyst

    Lori Michele Leavitt infuses nimble practices into grown up companies, and helps fast growth start ups grow into the larger business with a culture they thrive in.  This translates into work environments that are collaborative, innovative, engaged, and value-focused.

    Lori brings her passion, and action-oriented methods to life through speaking, consulting, coaching and technology.  She specializes in performance and risk management, and has worked with hundreds of leaders and their organizations.

    The time is now for more nimble practices. People are easily distracted, and many are overwhelmed. Leaders are not getting the information they need to make nimble decisions. So often people are not clear how they can add value, or if they even have a voice.  What will it take for every person to know where they fit, who cares and what’s in it for them?  It’s so possible!

    Lori will teach you to orchestrate a Pivot from Performance Management to Performance Momentum.  Through this Collaborative-Action blog she provides ideas that may provide the spark or nudge you need, or need to share.

    Collaboration is about taking action.

    Lori’s book, The Pivot: Orchestrating Extraordinary Momentum offers a deeper dive into building and leading a culture with both alignment and momentum in place (aka, “Aligned Momentum”).

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    Take Your Best Next Steps

    Best Next Steps
    Best Next Steps for Extraordinary Momentum

    This first post in the Extraordinary Momentum Series offers 5 key ideas to help you get clear about best next steps, and how you can help others get clear about their best next steps.

    When you are nimble, you are aware and open. You rarely get blocked or stuck. If you do – if someone, something, or even your own mindset or limiting beliefs – get in your way, you have what it takes to move around, over, under, through.

    Empower others to initiate change. Leaders orchestrate.

    Employee Engagement-41pct Disengaged

    Those of you who know me or are getting to know me… understand that I am all about business vibrancy. In my terms, that translates to a nimble organization, continuously building its business value, and a great place to work. An organization with these traits has what I call “Aligned Momentum,” which I show in the visual above this post and write about in my book (you can find an excerpt here).

    For over 20 years the average results from employee engagement surveys have shown a rate of disengagement at over 30%. Aon’s recent 2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement reports that 41% of employees are disengaged and feel undervalued.

    What this reflects, at least in part, is a lack of empowering employees to initiate change – a critical step in a Pivot toward Aligned Momentum.

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    Any business can be nimble. It starts with true leadership.


    We often hear about pivots and pivoting in the context of quick shifts by an individual or in the early days of a startup.

    A quick “turn on a dime” pivot does not result in lasting change for a business beyond a handful of employees. Perhaps the mental model that a pivot must be quick has stopped you from considering it for your business. Consider The Pivot.

    The Pivot leverages one of the most effective means for long-term change: collaboration. It inspires action in terms of best next steps.
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    A scorecard for your Wellness initiative

    Until recently, employee benefits costs – healthcare, in particular – have been considered a necessary cost of doing business, external to a company’s core products or services. An emerging school of thought, however, suggests that employee wellness affects much more than a company’s bottom line as a human resource expense. Wellness also affects absenteeism, productivity and efficiency. In other words, healthy employees are more likely to successfully contribute to a company’s core business than sick or injured employees who are unable to perform at optimal levels.

    In this way, wellness does, indeed, contribute to every company’s bottom line and, as a result, needs to be stated as a measurable goal of every company. But how can wellness be quantified? Continue reading “A scorecard for your Wellness initiative”