Better Performance Reviews – Best Next Steps

Better Performance Review
An effective performance review is possible

Employee reviews weren’t meant to be ineffective. Too often, the performance “management” processes and policies organizations are asking managers to follow are causing the managers to fail.

Many have said something similar to this, and often with a twist toward implying bad management. Maybe. Sometimes an individual who is not able or willing to manage people is in the role of manager. Perhaps they are experts and can assign and review work in a way that grows others’ skill level. Or perhaps the manager is good at managing work to meet deadlines. Yet a person’s value is not defined merely by a skill or that they meet deadlines; their engagement and motivation is often short lived under such managers. Unless they also have a coach, which isn’t a bad strategy…
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Take Your Best Next Steps

Best Next Steps
Best Next Steps for Extraordinary Momentum

This first post in the Extraordinary Momentum Series offers 5 key ideas to help you get clear about best next steps, and how you can help others get clear about their best next steps.

When you are nimble, you are aware and open. You rarely get blocked or stuck. If you do – if someone, something, or even your own mindset or limiting beliefs – get in your way, you have what it takes to move around, over, under, through.