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Leadership -Connecting with (your) people to improve results. Step 7: Does cause-and-effect matter?

In this series we are talking about connecting – connecting to people, connecting people to the business results you want, and getting those results.

I’ve noted that as you work through this series you are bound to run into questions (I’ve opened up Ask Lori. for questions to me currently at no cost to you) and bottlenecks…

In this post I address a common question that often becomes a bottleneck, as it seems complex: determining up front the cause and effect relationship between objectives in your Strategy:

Question: Does cause-and-effect matter? When is it critical (figuring it out is slowing us down)? (more…)

Leadership -Connecting with (your) people to improve results. Step 2: Mapping Strategy

In this Leadership series we are talking about connecting – connecting to people, connecting people to the business results you want, and getting those results.

In Step 1 you selected up to 3 of the most critical strategic themes or objectives. Now you will prepare to share these objectives or themes with those who need to act in order for Strategy to be executed.

I’ve decided to share with you how our company is taking these same steps. I hope this helps clarify the process…

For Abrige Corp the most critical objectives fall into these themes:
“Get Visible!” & “Systematize Everything.” I’ve logged these into our STRATEGY application, below: (more…)

A scorecard for your Wellness initiative

Until recently, employee benefits costs – healthcare, in particular – have been considered a necessary cost of doing business, external to a company’s core products or services. An emerging school of thought, however, suggests that employee wellness affects much more than a company’s bottom line as a human resource expense. Wellness also affects absenteeism, productivity and efficiency. In other words, healthy employees are more likely to successfully contribute to a company’s core business than sick or injured employees who are unable to perform at optimal levels.

In this way, wellness does, indeed, contribute to every company’s bottom line and, as a result, needs to be stated as a measurable goal of every company. But how can wellness be quantified? (more…)

First, ask and engage people. “Connection Series”    Part 2

Here’s the first step to connecting people to and into your performance management system: Asking and engaging.

It seems so simple, yet without a system to help us (leaders) do so, our best laid plans and intentions get pushed aside. And when we make poor decisions, not connecting all the dots is usually why.

To take this step I have good news for you: you do not have to add to the “to dos” for your financial or technical teams to start on this improvement process. And you do not have to be an analyst. You do need to be willing to think through data to get a feel for the cause and effect between what is communicated and what gets done. Think of it as removing the “so?” to get to “oh! Got it.”


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