Leaders nurture and invest

Recently I shared a “People Measurement’ and leadership conversation with Carlos Santayana, Owner and Principal at Santayana Group, and a prior Training and Leadership VP at Citi Group. I felt power and wisdom in his words and wanted to share them with you. With his approval I am publishing parts of our conversation below.

The selection and promotion of managers who invest in their teams and nurture excellence is a key transformative strategy.

• Leadership can create an atmosphere where subordinates are treated as valued partners and encouraged to think deeply and contribute ideas that increase profit, stakeholder well being and long term sustainability. Continue reading “Leaders nurture and invest”

Have you experienced times like these? Help others through it.

Some of our friends, family and colleagues may have yet to experience bad times – so they may have more difficulty coping than those (of us) who have failed (and come out just fine) many times. My colleague Bill Dueease of The Coach Connection, recently shared his wisdom through a business group I am part of. I doubt I could say it any better (I like to expand “what you have control of” to “what you can affect”)…and I wanted to share it with you! Whether you are managing employees or working with peers out of work or in a struggling business, or struggling yourself – I think his words will help you:

Bill states:
Having been through this sort of thing several times, some much worse, and having ended up better off than when I started, I found some things that have always helped me. I hope these help you and others as well.

1. Separate the factors you have control over from those you do not. List the factors that affect you that you have no control over, and create a way to monitor them, but do not worry about them. Just like the weather. You monitor and adjust to the weather, but you have no control over it. Continue reading “Have you experienced times like these? Help others through it.”

Connecting people to business performance!

From what is (now) to what can be (in the future)

What’s in it for me? (aka WIIFM). You may be asking yourself this right now. Do you think there has been a disconnect in communication, and strategy, in corporate America? I know there has!

When people are not communicating transparently and with empathy, the disconnect between what people do and what leaders expect (aka Strategy) grows larger.

Reconnecting people – at all levels – into performance management systems and to the performance of the company is critical. And it is do-able! 

The first step might be to shift from performance management to performance momentum! An Aligned Momentum program, powered by the A.M. software, just might be the transformative solution you are looking for. Feel free to reach out to me directly at lori[at]thepivotcatalyst[dot]com.

First, ask and engage people. “Connection Series”    Part 2

Here’s the first step to connecting people to and into your performance management system: Asking and engaging.

It seems so simple, yet without a system to help us (leaders) do so, our best laid plans and intentions get pushed aside. And when we make poor decisions, not connecting all the dots is usually why.

To take this step I have good news for you: you do not have to add to the “to dos” for your financial or technical teams to start on this improvement process. And you do not have to be an analyst. You do need to be willing to think through data to get a feel for the cause and effect between what is communicated and what gets done. Think of it as removing the “so?” to get to “oh! Got it.”

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Better decisions with less effort. Introducing the “Connection Series” Part 1

It’s time for a transformation, and I’m leading the charge. No, I’m not going to teach you to be an analyst. What I will explain is how you – an HR or executive leader – can takes steps to connect people to, and into, business performance management systems.

Those who do not understand how I do what I do may initially think that I run solely by the numbers. Yes and (emphatically) no. Sure, I’m a pretty serious, challenge-loving, bottom-line-focused gal. I look at indicators and outcomes. If I can’t connect an action (in business) to an increase in long term value, then it is likely I’m not going to spend long with it, for me or for my clients. But what isn’t so easy to see is that “action” necessarily requires a focus on, and connection with, people! People are the most critical component of my businesses, and likely of yours as well.

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Connecting people to business performance

Where do people fit into the business model? This may seem like an absurd question….

We have learned that business success depends on having the right mix of the four p’s – price, product, place and promotion.

Now that knowledge management is the key to 21st century business success, the fifth p – people – becomes critical.

HR is positioned to be a strategic director; one tasked with helping the rest of the organization weave people into management information systems.

What if ______________ (your organization) operate like: