Connecting people to business performance! (watch now)

What’s in it for me? (aka WIIFM). You may be asking yourself this right now. Do you think there has been a disconnect in communication, and strategy, in corporate America? I know there has! When people are not communicating transparently and with empathy, the disconnect between what people do and what leaders expect (aka Strategy) grows larger. Reconnecting people – at all levels – into performance management systems and to the performance of the company is critical. And it is do-able! I’ll step you through. First, take 3 minutes to watch this presentation, and subscribe to this blog at the upper right of the home page to keep tracking, and improve your performance now!
connecting people to business performance
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Note: This presentation was created under my former name, Lori Evans (aka Lori Leavitt Evans). I now go by Lori Michele Leavitt. Abrige Corp. does business through its Aligned Momentum performance software, M2M/IoT company C-Secure Systems and performance coaching and consulting firm Lori Michele Leavitt.

Positioning for high performance with a bonus program

Question: Looking to begin a high performance culture. One of the steps we want to create is an all employee bonus. How do you go about selecting the right behaviors/outcomes company-wide to incent the desired outcome ($profit & efficiency)?

Lori’s Answer

You are looking to “begin” a high performance culture. It will help me to understand your work culture, so please be aware that this answer is given without a complete picture.

Your focus with this question is on connecting “doing the right things right” with a performance bonus.

I have two notes to make about a new bonus program:

  1. Do not reduce wages to make room for the bonus (unless you absolutely must cut labor cost in total)
  2. Be as certain as you can that each role is linked to strategic objectives and that what is measured
    is what counts (to the organization)

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