Wow! Adding value in a new role

It is not often easy for a new employee to show value…and then often they don’t feel valued. This is an important time for communication. It’s even tougher when the boss doesn’t really understand the role well…

Here’s our “wow” for this week: This Wow! goes out to — who knew he had value to add and needed to remain persistent in showing this.

Why is this “wow!”? Have you ever had a job in which your boss was not an expert in your role… and it seemed that your expertise was not valued, perhaps because of this? We certainly strive to listen and understand, and be patient with new employees as they find how to best show their strengths. Continue reading “Wow! Adding value in a new role”

Wow! Getting the right things done, with less…

Getting the right things done, with less… When we make steps toward this goal, even small ones, then I just have to say…Wow!

Here’s our “wow” for this week: This Wow! goes out to —- for continuously seeking ways to meet our design needs – which are defined by our market’s needs – at a lower cost, but still keeping our highly professional look and feel. Continue reading “Wow! Getting the right things done, with less…”

Wow! Keeping track so you and others can rejuvenate

Is there a Wow! to be raised when the team is rejuvenating for the holidays? Yes

Here’s our “wow” for this week: This Wow! goes out to —- who was out of touch but not out of mind during the break. I could tell this by our productive conversation today.

Why is this “wow!”? —- faced holidays, a root canal and poor Internet all at the same time. We’ve all had those kind of days and weeks. And it’s so easy to just, well, let stuff go. The best course, however, is to log pending actions, if it cannot be delegated, so that the work can be picked up easily again…and share that log so that others relying on that work can also gain some peace. That’s what he did. Continue reading “Wow! Keeping track so you and others can rejuvenate”

Wow! Family matters to our success at work

Please take this time to extend my Wow! to your families, for supporting your work and our company.

Here’s our “wow” for this week: To our families, and even our friends, I am sending you this “WOW!” because of your flexibility and understanding. You never signed up to be part of a global company, with your loved one often working crazy hours. I appreciate your support.

Why is this “wow!”? What the people close to us think, say and do … especially those who love us… can have a strong impact on how successful we are at our work. So it seems we must have very supportive families because 2008 was one crazy year! THEY deserve a “Wow!”

Why is it important? Expressing ourselves – through work – in a way that adds values for our colleagues and customers may not offer so clear a benefit to those who are near or dear to us. Our friends and family are not our customers. Sure, they want us to be happy in our work. But they also want some things that may have to wait when work does not readily supply it. If our work roles are fulfilling in a way that also brings benefit to our family, while also being aligned with Strategy, the result to the company is success…which then cycles back through us…to them.

In 2008 we experienced a variety of mis-alignments. In fact, it felt like a strong upheaval. Thanks to all of you who did not whine or take advantage during this time.

In 2009 we’ll be more systematic in the way we stay aligned. It will require your participation. With this new plan we shall better align what we want with what our roles are, and better align (and clarify) our roles with what is best for the company’s success.

Congrats (and Thank you!) to those near to us! Let them know that success will be shared.

Wow! Excellence is not perfection

You received a Holiday e-card from me today. It was a team effort, —– and me, and it gets my wow because it was started and completed fast! We’ve not always been good at “fast.”

Here’s our “wow” for this week: —–, I am sending you this “WOW!” because you did exactly what was needed to get this out on time, hurdling obstacles in this quick race.

Why is this “wow!”? At the last minute, Thursday, I decided to create a holiday video. I had confidence that we could get this done fast. And we did! But we were faced with many hurdles, most of which —- ended up having to jump over….

It started with me… I couldn’t figure out how to put together the light kit I purchased. I really wanted this to be my sincere, personal-yet-professional message. I also wanted it to be festive… Continue reading “Wow! Excellence is not perfection”

Wow! Getting to core team w/ core values

This Wow! is again for many, although fewer than before. It is for the team remaining after reorganizing: a core, value-sharing team. A team that rallied to stop the bleeding caused by misguided employees, contractors and vendors. This core team includes me, and our officer and advisors. We are a team that thrives by adding value and is motivated by pay for performance.

Here’s our “wow” for this week: I am sending you this “WOW!” because you continue to think about your work through the eyes of the customer, whether that is me, this company or our end-customer or client. You do not say “can’t” and you pick up through cracks even if you did not drop what is hidden there. You are stewards of our assets and idea-generators for our future.

Why is this “wow!”? Fraud is on the rise all over the World (per a recent WSJ article employee fraud has grown significantly). It isn’t just us. But it has happened to us. I take responsibility for it, and have learned from it. I am wowed by the remaining team rallying around our Strategy with a keen eye for what needs to be done to be stable and move forward. I am thrilled by all who have sent your personal statements about what you believe. Your values are well-aligned with mine. Continue reading “Wow! Getting to core team w/ core values”

Wow! Thinking like an Owner

This week’s Wow! goes to —.

Here’s our “wow” for this week:

—, I am sending to you a “WOW!” because you continue to think about the company with the eyes of an owner; someone who deeply cares about the company’s success and the realization our vision.

Why is this “wow!”? While all stakeholders (employees, advisors, officers, vendors) care that we continue to be a going concern, usually everyone but the owner(s)…the person(s) assuming all the risk and not getting paid unless the company makes money… are at-will in their motivation and focus for the company.

—, your owner-like attention, effort and patience are a true gift to me and to the company. Continue reading “Wow! Thinking like an Owner”

Wow! Alignment with Strategy

In keeping with the theme of Thanksgiving, which is “the” U.S. holiday bringing families together, this week’s “Wow!” goes to the team. Yes, it goes to all of you, and I will tell you why…

Here’s our “wow” for this week: Team, I am sending to you a “WOW!” because I am seeing our Strategy being executed. I am not simply talking about sales; I am talking also about learning and innovation, internal and customer goals that require teamwork, great communication, customer focus (incl. internal customers) mentoring, accepting guidance, self-management and personal improvement.

Continue reading “Wow! Alignment with Strategy”

Wow! Building Trust

We had an interesting week.  Most of us had our “heads down” …working with great focus to meet deadlines; moving fast – yet in a managed way. We’ve made some great inroads! But we’ve faced many distractions as well; the toughest caused by promises made, then not kept.  We’ve also had new people come and go over the last week or two.  Both are a huge time sinks for the company, and tear at our finances and emotions.  You all have suffered when I am being taken advantage of.  I am sorry for that, and I’m doing the internal work to have that not happen. What have I learned? To get back to our core team; to focus on and nurture the people that share the values set at the top of this company and who are sure to succeed in a pay for performance culture.  Those who build value for this company WILL BE SUCCESSFUL- individually and as part of our team.

GOOD NEWS! We do have this strength within the team. I can select only one of you for this email. The person this email goes to has exhibited time and again that he cares about the company.  At times he’s gone unnoticed for it.  Today I will shout about how impressed I am…

This week’s “Wow!” goes to ——— for keeping an eye on our company even during a recent break.

Continue reading “Wow! Building Trust”

Wow! Doing what it takes

You may have some idea how much I hate missing a deadline.  Well, I just missed mine; I didn’t send out the Wow! this weekend. The good news is that it is not because there are no Wows! to give; there are plenty!  This team continues to impress me every day. Typically I write the Wow! email after a long walk during which I get the pleasure of thinking about, and appreciating, all the great actions during the past week.  This week I missed that walk due to a minor health issue, and it seems I mentally connected the Wow! email so closely with that long walk that I failed to send the email!  So let’s get this out …now!

This week’s “Wow!” goes to ———- for his continued diligence in making a frustrating commute to perform the warranty work on the hardware located in our Bellingham, WA USA office.

Here’s our “wow” for this week: I am sending to you a “WOW!” as a person who is making a grand effort to keep C-Secure going when we realize it would be so easy to just not go to the trouble.  It is worth it, and in the long run there will be even greater benefit realized for every one sticking with C-Secure.

Continue reading “Wow! Doing what it takes”