Wow! Thinking like an Owner

This week’s Wow! goes to —.

Here’s our “wow” for this week:

—, I am sending to you a “WOW!” because you continue to think about the company with the eyes of an owner; someone who deeply cares about the company’s success and the realization our vision.

Why is this “wow!”? While all stakeholders (employees, advisors, officers, vendors) care that we continue to be a going concern, usually everyone but the owner(s)…the person(s) assuming all the risk and not getting paid unless the company makes money… are at-will in their motivation and focus for the company.

—, your owner-like attention, effort and patience are a true gift to me and to the company.

Why is it important? Wouldn’t we love it if all stakeholders could “think like an owner,” doing the right things right at all times so that the company is never placed on shaky ground?!

But the fact is that employees, contractors and other stakeholders have their own reasons for being involved with the company – usually a quick profit or steady income for them regardless of the steadiness of the company, and often regardless of whether or not they’ve done the right things right on behalf of the company.

Abrige/C-Secure has indeed developed a devoted team, with some even taking risk when working based on their delivery. Yet some have taken advantage and it weakens us.

So many thanks go to — as he helps me, and our company, grow stronger.

Congrats —! I am thankful to be building this company with you.


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